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Ecstatic sun


Ecstatic Sun® is the parent company I started in 1985, as the umbrella for all of the different types of art and fine craft that I create.  As the internet became a place to show and sell my work, it was a unique name that had gained some reputation for the unique items I invent.


Ecstatic Sun is the parent company for the many art endeavors and things I create. I am a sensory illusionist.

I gather the experience of being in a moment, at a place, at a time and use that information to create the image, a wearable piece of art, or an art object to wear.

It is the sense of how the light and the color filters through the image and the atmosphere you might be surrounded by at that moment in time. This concept informs the paintings.

There is a thread of something real that exists above everything else. And in trying to reach the truth, you are trying to make it real through beauty, through something beautiful. In that ultimate moment of sensory experience also exists a glimmer of hope, the promise of something bigger than we are.

Sculpted Paintings which I created over twenty years ago, is a technique that creates a three dimensional perspective through the use of applied canvas and mixed media. My goal is to create art that is of this moment but also captures something timeless. It resonates with one viewing the work as representational although it is not quite accurately realistic. It has a meaning they experience although that meaning is only found in the use of color or symbolism, or imagery. My desire is to make artwork that is so beautiful it cuts to the heart of what is true, whether it is in the medium of a painting, a piece of clothing, or a object d’arte.