L Scooter Morris

When Georgia O’Keefe was in her 50’s, she found an artistic expression that was uniquely hers. Like O’Keefe, Scooter Morris also in her 50’s, has discovered an exuberant and distinct artistic voice that is hers alone.

The unique characteristics of her work evoke and iterate a deep, authentic understanding of the tensions that exist for Americans in the pursuit of our ideals. The use of the American flag as sculpted landscape is an exceptional choice of medium, stretching into both time and space, spanning hundreds of years of United States history.

She has crossed a milestone in the fine art world, in which the quality of her work is surpassedonly by the power of her imagery. What has emerged is a rare combination of fine art and iconic image that bridges the contour of our land and the experiences of generations.

It has been said that all great artists find a way to give the viewer a pathway to enter into the work. With Scooter Morris, the invitation is clear. For those who are visual, the appeal will be immediate; for those who value substantial conversation, the satisfaction could be long-lived.

The audience for Morris’ work is broad; the projections of her narrative immeasurable. If one were to think of her iconic flag landscapes in terms of the trunk of a tree, many branches of that
expression become possible, reaching from the past into the present – and far into the future.

For the collector, whether acquiring a beautiful embellished giclee, a valuable original, or commissioning a piece particular to your own story in America -- the outcome of your purchase will be meaningful -- something you will be proud and excited to own and display.

Scooter Morris is a rare painter – one who is destined to rise to a height of distinction known by few artists.

With gratitude and optimism,

Tim Wiford, Owner
Wiford Gallery Santa Fe

Tread SoftlY


July 3, 2015, 5 - 7 pm

Wiford Gallery

403 Canyon Road

Santa Fe, NM 87501